Mrs. O and A Baby Saved

Mrs. O and A Baby Saved

9 months ago my husband and I had the blessed privilege of assisting a couple who were at the abortion clinic. They were there to abort their sixth child that day. Our team from The Red Door Ministry was out there that day along with our children.

My husband had the opportunity to talk with the father and encourage him that we could help with whatever they needed if they would only spare the life of their unborn child. He told my husband his lawn service trailer had been stolen, they have 5 children 5 and under, and were barely making ends meet. The Lord provided a way for our team to help them get his business up and running again and they CHOSE LIFE for their precious one.

Fast forward 9 months and their little boy is ready to be born. I get a call from Mrs. O that she is at the hospital and 5 cm. When I arrived she’d already gotten her epidural and was comfortable. Unfortunate circumstances made it so her husband could not be there with us. He was temporarily detained. Her sister in law and I were able to be there with her and support her labor process and all the emotions she was experiencing having her husband not be there.

After a few hours her sister in law had to go and ended up at the house with the other children. Come 6:00 she was ready to push. She was so brave and so strong for that little boy, that life that at one time was about to be snuffed out. Her love had grown so deep for him it was truly special to see.

She gave 3 good pushes and out he came, perfect and whole. A sweetly created little man with a purpose given by G-d. It was so moving.

She had listed while I explained Delayed Cord Clamping and decided to do that for her baby. That was super special to witness.

He now has life because sidewalk counselors were not only there that day to speak on his behalf but also rallied together to give his family hope. They continued their support at his birth, rallying again for gifts, diapers, strollers, clothes, etc. It is the “church” in action.