Mr. and Mrs. H and Baby E.

In November a precious, beautiful girl entered the world early in the morning in the presence of her brothers and sister and her brave parents.

It began the night before. I received a call from Andrea that a contraction pattern had set in and things were moving along.  A few hours more we checked in and things seemed to be progressing perfectly, slow and steady.

At about midnight I headed their way as labor had picked up some intensity and she felt she needed some additional support.  As I entered the house I could tell she was heavy under the presence of labor and concentrating through each contraction, yet not overcome by them.

As the hours ticked by she moved from the couch to hanging from a rebozo around her husbands neck.  He was a fortress of encouragement, support, and love for her.  They were playing the soundtrack from War Horse giving Mrs. H a strength and power as the instrumental music spoke to her spirit.

We prayed… we invited God to come and be present  in this place…to lay a cover of protection over them as they pursued the homebirth they so desired and had taken measures that can only be attributed to faith to make happen. As we prayed the presence of the spirit became evident and I could tell she took rest in inviting him into the sacred space of birth.

The night progressed there was no doubt progress was being made.  A few times I noticed the purple line near her bottom was increasing which gave hints that baby was coming down and dilation was occurring. This was simply an observation on my part, with permission, not a medical attempt to gauge progress.  In this case, the purple line seemed to indicate progress in her stages of labor and we were pleased.

She moved from the shower to the living room again on all fours. She began feeling some intense pressure in her back seeking refuge in changing positions attempting to divert the distraction.  As transition began to rise she drew inward.  She used tones, humming, and speaking in french to call out to the Lord with each new wave.  She surrendered her body and soul to the process of laboring and it was inspiring to witness.

Slow and steady her inward focus brought the sweet baby down and as she was on all fours her water spontaneously ruptured. She did some light pushes in this position, trusting her body and following her instinct.  She never wavered.  It wasn’t long before the urge to push became strong and the head began to crown.  She was steadfast…

She turned and leaned back on her bottom to try and relieve some pressure from her back. This was unsuccessful. As the head began to fully emerge and was delivered she rolled back over onto her hands and knees carefully, while protecting her baby, and as she was brought to her hands and knees she delivered the rest of her perfect baby girl.

Baby E was born early in the morning. Just an hour prior to delivery her 3 siblings had woken from a full nights sleep, and were there to welcome her into the world.

She was held to the breast within minutes and cozied with mommy.  Lord, thank you for this precious life, this arrow to be released into the world by parent who know and love you.


Welcome to the world Baby E.