Miss R and Twins Saved

Miss R and Twins Saved

Miss R. was a young gal that my dear friend Sherry was able to turn around one morning at Planned Parenthood. I was blessed enough to get the call that same day, from her, asking for support through her pregnancy and with labor and delivery. Over the coarse of the next 9 months I had occasional contact with her as she traveled the road of pregnancy with surprise twins. She was wavering about whether she should put the girls up for adoption or keep them and raise them. As the pregnancy neared it’s end she had decided to keep them and raise them.

I was texting her one day a few days before Christmas and she told me she was at the dr.’s office possibly heading to the hospital for an induction as she was showing signs of pre-eclampsia. I joined her at the hospital as her induction was beginning and she had had an epidural. She was in good spirits and handling the induction well.

I went home for the night expecting she would take a while to labor and be ready to delivery. Unfortunately due to the pre-eclampsia, she was going to deliver in an OR and she was only allowed 1 person in the room with her. Although it didn’t seem to be what she wanted, her mother was going to join her in the OR for the delivery.

In the morning I received a text stating she had delivered both babies vaginally and they were doing well. I made arrangements and went out to the hospital to see her and the girls. She was very tired but did an awesome job giving life to those precious girls.

In a matter of minutes she went from having an appointment to murder her, unknown at the time, two daughters, to bringing them into the world and giving life!

Throughout the next few weeks I was privileged to offer her some nursing support with the help of additional doulas out on the east side of town. I am so thankful they were able to visit her and help her get her bearings with nursing. She is successfully nursing these sweet little girls.

Sidewalk counseling works and Praise Jesus for the two miracles.

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