Free Help Birth Planning

If You Need Ideas…This is the Place

There are many important things to consider in pregnancy, labor and the newborn stage. Doing so in advance allows the mother and family to plan, create vision and prepare in advance. Although we know raising children can, at times, be unpredictable and adventurous, we are also able to do some pre-planning that allows us to be fully informed of our options, rights, personal preferences, and methods that fit us and our families best and provide for the most successful start.

Birth Plans

Birth Plans allow for a mother or couple to determine which options, choices, rights and variations of labor and birth are most important to them and the formulate their desires and goals. It is a launching point which encourages communication between the couple and their provider.

The true success of a labor and birth “plan” is intrinsic. The “plan” itself does not guarantee the labor and delivery a couple desires. The wishes and desires must come from inside of a couple. Being able to achieve the labor and delivery you desire comes from a strong commitment. It takes vision, dedication, communication and a solid faith, without fear, in a woman’s body to labor and birth a child.

Postpartum Plan

Postpartum planning provides a guide for the family as they enter the world of having a newborn and reminds them of their goals and plans. And although plans, at times, need changing, the postpartum plan create a picture for them to reflect on as they navigate the unpredictable.

Again, the items within a postpartum plan must come from values within the family/couple. A commitment and dedication along with communication is key.