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I remember finding my mother’s copy of “Spiritual Midwifery” by Ina May Gaskin around the age of 12. I cracked the cover and it instantly changed the coarse of my life and planted a seed of passion. Over the next several years I came back to the book many times as my love of babies, pregnancy and the idea of someday being a mother grew within me. I was always drawn to the idea of birth being a natural, life changing and powerful event for a woman. It wasn’t until I experienced the birth of my first child, with a midwife, at a birthing center, that I realized how truly miraculous pregnancy, labor, birth and motherhood are in the life of a woman.Martin Family Pictures

Since that time, I’ve had 5 more children my youngest is currently 18¬†months. My own births have allowed me to acquire first hand knowledge of the full spectrum of birth experiences. I had twins with my second pregnancy which placed me in a hospital room experience, attempting a natural birth of twins, and ending up with one vaginal delivery and one c-section. My only daughter was born via VBAC with a midwife at the hospital along with my fifth child, my son Westin, whose labor was unique. My youngest son was a family centered homebirth and was the most incredible experience for our whole family.

During the past 8 years of having my own children I have been numerous opportunities to learn and experience more and more about birth, increasing my passion, and grounding my perspective concerning natural birth, interventions, modern medical misconceptions and empowering women in their birth experience. I have an inexplicable desire to teach, educate, inform and empower women concerning their labor, birth and child rearing choices.

I see birth as a very natural occurrence, not a medical issue unless the circumstances arise which necessitates such. I have a special place in my heart for teen or single moms, expected infant losses and rainbow babies, first time parents, parents of multiples, parents seeking adoption placement and parents or mothers who find themselves in search of natural birthing and baby approaches.


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