Mrs. O and A Baby Saved

Mrs. O and A Baby Saved

9 months ago my husband and I had the blessed privilege of assisting a couple who were at the abortion clinic. They were there to abort their sixth child that day. Our team from The Red Door Ministry was out there that day along with our children.

My husband had the opportunity to talk with the father and encourage him that we could help with whatever they needed if they would only spare the life of their unborn child. He told my husband his lawn service trailer had been stolen, they have 5 children 5 and under, and were barely making ends meet. The Lord provided a way for our team to help them get his business up and running again and they CHOSE LIFE for their precious one.

Fast forward 9 months and their little boy is ready to be born. I get a call from Mrs. O that she is at the hospital and 5 cm. When I arrived she’d already gotten her epidural and was comfortable. Unfortunate circumstances made it so her husband could not be there with us. He was temporarily detained. Her sister in law and I were able to be there with her and support her labor process and all the emotions she was experiencing having her husband not be there.

After a few hours her sister in law had to go and ended up at the house with the other children. Come 6:00 she was ready to push. She was so brave and so strong for that little boy, that life that at one time was about to be snuffed out. Her love had grown so deep for him it was truly special to see.

She gave 3 good pushes and out he came, perfect and whole. A sweetly created little man with a purpose given by G-d. It was so moving.

She had listed while I explained Delayed Cord Clamping and decided to do that for her baby. That was super special to witness.

He now has life because sidewalk counselors were not only there that day to speak on his behalf but also rallied together to give his family hope. They continued their support at his birth, rallying again for gifts, diapers, strollers, clothes, etc. It is the “church” in action.

Miracle Baby of 15 ounces Headed Home

The smallest surviving baby ever born at a Vancouver, Washington hospital is on her way home after spending her first five months struggling for life in the neonatal intensive care unit of the Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center, reports The Columbian.

When Harley Daylee Gulliksen was born on Dec. 20 by emergency Caesarean section at 27 weeks gestation, she weighed just 15 ounces and was only 10 inches in length. …

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My Own Homebirth–Beau Everett MacIsaac

My Own Homebirth–Beau Everett MacIsaac

Being a doula makes having your own baby challenging (lots of info in your head!) but also VERY exciting. This being our sixth baby and having an awesome support system I did not hire a doula for myself. I was completely confident and fully committed to having our son at home. I have had several previous natural deliveries. My first was a birth center birth which went flawlessly and was extremely empowering for me and my husband.

We then conceived twins, naturally, for our second pregnancy when our oldest was just 11 months. I was not as informed with my choices at the age of 26. I had been seeing a midwife when we became pregnant with twins and she did not inform me as to my choices with twins either. It was just clear my arrangement with them changed. So, due to an insurance issue, we decided I would go to California (where my husband’s company was located) to deliver the babies. We had been connected to a doctor who had experience with multiples and although I was adamant I would have a natural delivery I was not given many options concerning delivery location (an OR), movement while laboring, etc. I reflect now and realize I could have had so much more of what I wanted in my delivery with twins.

None-the-less I ended up with one vaginal delivery and one c-section in the birth of our twin boys. This then made me a VBAC candidate for future births.

Our daughter arrived 22 months after our twins in a hospital with a midwife and a natural delivery VBAC. Then our fourth son 22 months after our daughter again with a midwife at the same hospital, natural VBAC.

So, our sixth child was scheduled to arrive 29 months after our fourth son and we decided to have a homebirth. We are uninsured, by choice, and a homebirth just made perfect sense. I was over the moon excited and made lots of labor and birth plans for this delivery. We had had a loss the April prior to conceiving Beau so my anticipation and desire for this baby was heightened.

We knew all along the children would join us for the birth as well as my parents, my two good friends, my birth photographer, husband, and midwife and her assistant who was also my friend. I was anxiously anticipating the opportunity to share the labor and birth with my children and my friends (1 of which had never witnessed a birth).

Before I send you to read the story on my personal blog I wanted to say a few things:
1. Giving life to a child is incredible. In my opinion it is the essence of motherhood and the woman. G-d has shared with us the ability to give and bring forth life. Pretty incredible.
2. I do not agree with the feminist movement that children are a sidenote, an accessory, that somehow choosing not to have children empowers women… I believe that having children and being a SAHM, raising warriors for the Lord, is the singular most important calling as a woman and the most empowering (in addition to being our husbands gal).
3. I am blessed to be their mother and this experience has been one of the greatest of my life.
4. I am excited to share this story with whomever wants to read it. I hope you find it empowering, inspiring and that it encourages you to do something amazing with your own labor and birth.

You can read the rest of my story here, at my personal blog space. There is also a neat video as well.

Thank you for reading! Be Blessed today.