Mr. and Mrs. R and baby S

Mr. and Mrs. R and baby S

On Thursday June 19th an induction was scheduled to bring Baby S into the world. He was comfortable in his temporary home and not showing too many signs of wanting to come out. Mommy had been using Primrose to try and get things stirred and had made progress to 3cm with some thinning by the time they checked into St. Joe’s Hospital on June 19th at 8pm.

We had agreed ahead of time that she would let me know once things really started getting going. It can often take some time to get an induction started. Around 2:30am I had nursed my little guy and felt like maybe I would go in and see how things were going.

Upon arriving at the hospital and visiting for a few moments it was clear labor wasn’t active even though she was at 16 Pitocin and moving up every 30 minutes. She had made progress to 5cm but was not in active labor. She was still able to visit and snack. We visited and talked about how things would go if she reached 20 Pitocin.

Around 7:30am the midwife came in and suggested turning off the Pitocin, taking a shower, eating something and getting some rest which would allow the receptors to get cleared out and then she could begin again.

We agreed I would go home and tend to my children while Mrs. R and her husband were able to get some rest and spend some quality time together in the quiet. I wanted to make space for those intimate final moments they could have together.

The plan was for them to call me once things picked up, just as before, and labor seemed active. I was hopeful to get a call sooner than later. But, it is typical for babies to come in the evening hours so I expected the day wouldn’t bring too much news. But, even more hopeful for the coming evening and a new baby to be born.
Everyone got some much needed rest and they began Pitocin again around 12:30pm.

Around 6:30pm I let her know I would arrive around 7:40pm as I thought maybe things would begin to pick up as the sun set.

When I arrived around 7:40pm her mom had joined the birth team, which was a nice support for her. The room was calm and the mood was anticipatory. She still wasn’t really in active labor and the Pitocin was climbing to 18 in the next few moments.

She was moving from sitting butterfly on the bed to standing and then to sitting on the ball. At about 9:30 she was reaching 20 Pitocin which was the limit of the dr.’s order, so we started to try a few different things. She did some squatting on the bed and on all fours for a bit trying to encourage the baby to come settle on the cervix.

We talked about AROM to bring the baby down and allow natural pressure to create action with the cervix. As she was laying on her side with a peanut ball with a stronger contraction than she’d had up until now, she felt something funny.

The nurse checked to see if anything was leaking and she didn’t see anything at that moment. Mrs. R felt for sure as if something had occurred. She stood up and sure enough there was a small leak. This made her very emotional as the impending change in contractions seemed as though they might be overwhelming for her.

The nurse and I calmed her and encouraged her that all would be fine and this is what we’d been waiting for all along. It was exciting to see some changing occurring.

At about 10:23pm the nurse wanted to get a check of where she was at. During this check she reported she was an 8cm and fully effaced and as she was checking the bag of waters it broke. A rush of fluid poured out. This was very exciting as we knew this would bring a faster end to what they’d been waiting for so long.

Once her water was broken the contractions really picked up in intensity and we began the work of breathing and concentrating through each contraction. She wanted to stand but as she stood the baby didn’t seem to like it very much so, the nurse asked her to lay back on the bed. She obliged and had several great contractions on the bed.

With very little time, I began to see that during the contractions she was instinctively bearing down. The nurse could feel the head at +2 station and coming down with each contraction. As the nurse went to call the midwife, who as off campus just about 10 minutes away, another contraction came on and with this one came another push. She couldn’t hold them off.

I asked Mr. R to come down to the edge of the bed because I thought for sure the baby’s head would emerge with the next push. We could see it crowning at this time.

Mr. R came to the bottom of the bed. I instructed him to have his hands out and ready just in case and also asked him to push the call button. With the push of the button I called to the nurse’s station that baby was coming now. It took less than 10 seconds for the team to be in the room, to have a nurse giving perineum support and the resident OB followed up 5 seconds later ready to catch the baby.

1 more push and the head completely emerged with the OB giving support. 1 more push and the shoulders emerged and baby S slipped out and onto his mother’s tummy. It was a smooth 40 minutes from water breaking to baby being born. 40 minutes of active labor. Who could ask for more?

It was an answer to prayers. Healthy 9lb 15oz baby boy and a quick active labor and delivery for Mrs. R. And, as an extra measure of luck baby S had a true knot in his cord. This is not so common and a neat thing to see.

The extra special part of the labor is that as we were remembering the Lords presence in the room and His ability to meet her needs, her nurse shared encouraging words and scripture with her as well reminding her of His strength and that He will never leave us nor forsake us. It was precious to see the Lords light being shared among the team.
She did an incredible job, stayed focused and committed to a natural birth and was given that gift. And also the precious gift of a healthy, robust, wonderful little boy.

I was blessed to witness their birth story and am thankful for Gods provision each step of the way.

Born on 6/20/2014
9lbs 15oz
21 ¾ inches long

Mr. and Mrs. A and Baby R

Mr. and Mrs. A and Baby R

Early in the morning on July 15, 2014 I received a text message saying Mrs. A had been having some early contractions starting at about 1am. It was now about 7am and as we spoke on the phone it was clear it was early pre labor and she was going to go in for her appointment with the midwife at 8am.

At the appointment they determined she was 2cm and soft and labor was imminent. She spent the rest of the day with her family as labor approached. At approximately 6:00pm I received a text from her husband that things were picking up speed and they were about 1 minute long and 3-4 minutes apart. I arrived at her house at 7:00pm and she was clearly in a labor pattern. We prayed and asked G-d to be with us and to be with baby as they traveled this path.

We agreed she would give it 30 more minutes at home before making a decision to go to the hospital. Each contraction brought powerful surges and she really surrendered through them, sinking deep into her hips and allowing each one to work.

At 7:45pm we were in the car headed to the hospital. Triage assessed her and the midwife arrived. She was a wonderful 4cm. She expressed feeling some discouragement and asking about an epidural. Mr. A and I chatted briefly about that and agreed we would dissuade her and she would be able to get in the bath and see how things went along.
The sweet nurse G-d gave us drew a warm bath and Mrs. A got in. Mr. A changed into his bathing suit wanting to join her in the bathroom. As he changed we were able to do some really great contractions in the bath. She was definitely relaxed in there and focused.

As the surges progressed in intensity and pattern she really focused more and more. She was very in tune with her body. Her husband joined her in the bathroom and her mom and I gave her some time alone with him. Her mom and I spoke while her and her husband spent time together alone. She had entered the room at about 9:30pm and spent the next 45 minutes in the bath with Mr. A.

When I went back in to check on her I could tell things had changed some. She was feeling warm and wanted to sit on the toilet for a few contractions. As she got out of the water there was some bloody show which showed signs that things were changing.

She did a few contractions on the toilet and seemed to be bearing down some. I gently told her to try not to push as it would make the cervix swell if she wasn’t ready. It seemed she couldn’t really help it. So, we asked if the nurse could do a check just to see where she was. I prepared her to not be discouraged if there wasn’t much change. I was praying there had been change and hopeful the signs of instinctual pushing meant so.

At the check she was 8cm. Amazing. 4cm to 8cm in under an hours’ time. Such incredible work. She had really opened up and let her body do what it was designed to do.

She decided to get back in the bath for a bit since she did such good work there. They were becoming more intense and taking more concentration at this point. She was in transition but you would never have guessed it. She was so calm, collected and centered on her body doing its job. It was inspiring.

As things progressed we ended up back on the toilet for a bit and then back to the bed. Gina had come and joined us and everyone was fully focused on helping her to reach the birth.

Gina gently broke her water hoping it would melt away her final bits of cervix and at 11:15pm she was on her way to pushing.

Some contractions brought pushing and others didn’t. She just followed her body. She wasn’t in a rush and baby was doing great. She gave in to each one. She had incredible support with her mom and sister and her husband was so precious as he met her needs and gave her quiet support. She was incredible.

The pushing contractions did great work. She did some on her bottom and then flipped to her hands and knees. After a few on her hands and knees and resting greatly in between she turned to her side. From here she was able to really get behind each contraction and bear down.

With each push she brought baby down further and further. By 12:13pm, with worship music playing in the background, we could really see the head peeking through.

At 12:16pm she gave a few small pushes and baby Baby R came rushing out and into his mommy’s arms. He had a nuchal cord around his neck but nothing to worry about and a cord around his body, again no cause for concern. Gina unwrapped him quickly without fuss and handed him to her. Daddy was able to see each moment of his son’s arrival and was overjoyed when he was finally placed into his mom’s arms. The look on his face was precious.

Mrs. A trusted the Lord, trusted her team, and most importantly trusted herself and her intuition. Her body did exactly what it was supposed to do. Early labor took time, preparing baby for labor and birth. She handled transition beautifully and without a hiccup. If she was doubting herself she never let on. She was a rock for her boy, breathing deep and really surrendering to bringing his life into the world.

I’m incredibly blessed to have witnessed their labor and delivery and feel even more blessed to know they followed the Lord’s will through each step.

Welcome to the World little guy. G-d has big plans for you!