April’s Birth of Twins

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I found out we were expecting twins at 24 weeks pregnant! My due date I found out we were expecting twins at 24 weeks pregnant! My due date was November 21, but as the month of August approached, I couldn’t imagine staying pregnant until that day.

My midwife and I arranged the induction date for Monday, November 9, at 9:00 a.m. But lo and behold, my water began to leak on the eve of the Friday, November 6. I called her at 10:00 p.m., unaware that she was attending three births that night. Two of her patients were in early labor at the birth center, while the other one was about to give birth at the hospital. She said, “Not tonight, you CAN’T have this baby tonight!” We chuckled at the ridiculous request, and I told her that we’d wait and see what happened through the night with contractions before I called her again.

I awoke the next morning well rested, and still without any contractions. We met her at the hospital at 9:00 a.m. so she could check my cervix, which was at 4cm dilated. Though I was still showing no signs of labor, and my water was no longer leaking, we decided to go ahead with the induction right then and there.

I was 38 weeks, and the babies were both head down and ready to roll! She broke my water (after her trainee’s five feeble attempts to pop it, torturing me in the process.) The contractions came on from out of nowhere, much more intense and painful than with my first pregnancy. For about an hour, my contractions were incredibly powerful though only dilating my cervix one measly centimeter. But soon my body decided to get serious dilating. My cervix dilated from 5cm to 10cm in 20 minutes. My midwife thought my husband was kidding when he ran down the hall to get her, telling her that I needed to push, only minutes after she checked me at 5cm. But sure enough, I was ready!

I was in a sitting position on the raised bed, spread eagle to the 12 hospital attendants, my midwife, and her trainee side-kick. I felt good, and was cracking jokes in between pushing because the intensity of the dilating was finally over. This time, it was only an hour of pushing, and the first baby was born. Six minutes later, his brother emerged, but not before immersing eve-ryone within four feet with the explosion of his amniotic sac’s warm contents.

The crowning was just as painful with each of the twins as it had been with my first child, and doing it twice in six minutes WAS NO PICNIC. I had made it through a natural, unmedicated birth. I look back on those amazing experiences with undeniable respect for the human body.

Beautiful (Surprise) Breech Home Birth

A Fabulous Birth Story from Birth Without Fear.

My husband and I chose to have our first baby at home with an absolutely empowering midwife. I distinctly remember between my intense contractions hearing my husband Kevin, Leslie our midwife, and her intern Melissa, in our kitchen drinking coffee and softly laughing enjoying good conversation.

I was in the birth tub letting my body bring our little girl into this world and never once did I wish for pain killers or any other assistance. Being alone in the quiet of my room was all I needed and after 18 hours my beautiful daughter, Lilly, was born.

Five short months later we again found out we were expecting! (Crazy close, I know). At 20 weeks we went in for an ultrasound to find out the sex of our baby. Excitedly we planned for a little boy to join our family! As far as we knew baby was head down and ready to go, so when I went into labor this past month neither myself or my midwife expected anything out of the ordinary.

After only three and a half hours I started that much desired point of “pushing” (Ha!). As our baby boy was coming down the birth canal a significant amount of meconium started coming out and I began worrying a little. A friend had recently lost their little boy when he inhaled meconium during his birth. Even with medical help he was unable to fight the infecting and flew up to heaven after only a week.

However, during the last 10 minuets of pushing, Carol (the midwife’s assistant), quietly mentioned… “That’s not a head”. Many looks were exchanged around the room between all of us for a brief moment as we all realized this little guy at some point had turned! Much to all of our surprise!

Leslie looked me straight in the eyes and simply told me, “It’s alright, you can do this”. So, I did! Rowin Jax came out butt first completely folded in half. His little feet were tucked under his chin and he had the thickest umbilical cord any of us had ever seen. Totally healthy, he did need a little oxygen, but after a few good breaths of that he did just fine.

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Beautiful (Surprise) Breech Home Birth | Birth Without Fear.