Miss R and Twins Saved

Miss R and Twins Saved

Miss R. was a young gal that my dear friend Sherry was able to turn around one morning at Planned Parenthood. I was blessed enough to get the call that same day, from her, asking for support through her pregnancy and with labor and delivery. Over the coarse of the next 9 months I had occasional contact with her as she traveled the road of pregnancy with surprise twins. She was wavering about whether she should put the girls up for adoption or keep them and raise them. As the pregnancy neared it’s end she had decided to keep them and raise them.

I was texting her one day a few days before Christmas and she told me she was at the dr.’s office possibly heading to the hospital for an induction as she was showing signs of pre-eclampsia. I joined her at the hospital as her induction was beginning and she had had an epidural. She was in good spirits and handling the induction well.

I went home for the night expecting she would take a while to labor and be ready to delivery. Unfortunately due to the pre-eclampsia, she was going to deliver in an OR and she was only allowed 1 person in the room with her. Although it didn’t seem to be what she wanted, her mother was going to join her in the OR for the delivery.

In the morning I received a text stating she had delivered both babies vaginally and they were doing well. I made arrangements and went out to the hospital to see her and the girls. She was very tired but did an awesome job giving life to those precious girls.

In a matter of minutes she went from having an appointment to murder her, unknown at the time, two daughters, to bringing them into the world and giving life!

Throughout the next few weeks I was privileged to offer her some nursing support with the help of additional doulas out on the east side of town. I am so thankful they were able to visit her and help her get her bearings with nursing. She is successfully nursing these sweet little girls.

Sidewalk counseling works and Praise Jesus for the two miracles.

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Mrs. O and A Baby Saved

Mrs. O and A Baby Saved

9 months ago my husband and I had the blessed privilege of assisting a couple who were at the abortion clinic. They were there to abort their sixth child that day. Our team from The Red Door Ministry was out there that day along with our children.

My husband had the opportunity to talk with the father and encourage him that we could help with whatever they needed if they would only spare the life of their unborn child. He told my husband his lawn service trailer had been stolen, they have 5 children 5 and under, and were barely making ends meet. The Lord provided a way for our team to help them get his business up and running again and they CHOSE LIFE for their precious one.

Fast forward 9 months and their little boy is ready to be born. I get a call from Mrs. O that she is at the hospital and 5 cm. When I arrived she’d already gotten her epidural and was comfortable. Unfortunate circumstances made it so her husband could not be there with us. He was temporarily detained. Her sister in law and I were able to be there with her and support her labor process and all the emotions she was experiencing having her husband not be there.

After a few hours her sister in law had to go and ended up at the house with the other children. Come 6:00 she was ready to push. She was so brave and so strong for that little boy, that life that at one time was about to be snuffed out. Her love had grown so deep for him it was truly special to see.

She gave 3 good pushes and out he came, perfect and whole. A sweetly created little man with a purpose given by G-d. It was so moving.

She had listed while I explained Delayed Cord Clamping and decided to do that for her baby. That was super special to witness.

He now has life because sidewalk counselors were not only there that day to speak on his behalf but also rallied together to give his family hope. They continued their support at his birth, rallying again for gifts, diapers, strollers, clothes, etc. It is the “church” in action.

Surviving a Tubal Pregnancy

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I wanted to be a mother from as far back as I can remember. But I suffered from an eating disorder and as such, I had irregular periods, sometimes going as long as nine months without one. I knew if I was not having periods I was not ovulating and could not get pregnant so my husband and I decided to start trying as soon as we got married in hopes of eventually conceiving. We had been trying to get pregnant for months and had basically given up and decided to wait.

Then one morning when I was laying in the bath, I looked down at my stomach and something inside me knew I was pregnant. I bought a test without telling my husband and while he was at work I took it. I sat there for what seemed like hours waiting for those faint pink lines to appear. As my heart was thumping I looked down and just about fell off the toilet as I saw two pink lines. I didn’t know if I should believe it, I was shocked surprised and excited all at the same time. In a daze with tears in my eyes I got in my car and rushed to my husband’s work.

On the way I called and told him I had something to show him and told him to meet me outside. I arrived and he jumped into my car thinking I was just there for a normal visit but to his shock I pulled out the test and showed it to him. He stared at it for about five minutes and finally stuttered out, “So does that mean were pregnant?” Teary eyed we hugged with the excitement of knowing our lives were about to change forever.

I went home and took four more tests all confirming our good news but I decided to see a doctor to confirm. We showed up at the doctor’s office expecting him to say yep, you’re pregnant, take care of yourself, but that was not at all what we heard. They of course took a pregnancy test and it came back positive but when it came time for the exam the doctor got very quiet. Knowing nothing could be wrong I asked him anyway and very quietly he answered, “Your uterus does not appear pregnant.”

I didn’t understand and thought it was some fluke so I didn’t really pay much attention but he sent me right down to have an ultrasound. I quietly lay on the table waiting to see an image of my baby – I was actually excited. The tech turned on the monitor and slowly began checking my uterus. She had the monitor on for at least 10 minutes and I patiently waited for her to say look there’s your baby, but nothing happened. She turned the monitor off and said, “I couldn’t find anything. It doesn’t appear you are pregnant.”

My heart sank; they sent me into the waiting room where I waited for half an hour until the radiographer came in. He told me that they could not find a fetus in my uterus but actually found a lump in my tube, and they thought my baby was growing in my tube. I went home still confused but sure they had made a mistake. The next day I went to a specialist. They did another ultrasound and still couldn’t see a fetus but the lump in my tube had grown.

Exalt Birth Services
Above, my empty uterus at almost five weeks pregnant.

The doctor then came in and very sharply said, “Diana, it appears that you have a tubal pregnancy with about three and a half centimeters of clot and bleeding in your tube and if we do not get it out immediately your tube could burst and it could kill you.” I looked at him with tears welling in my eyes and said, “Are you telling me I have to abort my baby?” As the words came out my whole body began shaking and tears were now streaming from my eyes.

He looked back at me and almost coldly said these words that still to this day ring in my ears, ”Diana, you need to stop thinking of this as a baby, this is not a baby nor will it ever be one.” My heart broke and I began sobbing as the doctor continued to tell me he wanted to hook me up to an IV that would send a cancer drug into my body and as he put it allow the ‘egg’ to leave my body. He acted like it would be quick and painless, no big deal. I knew in my heart I couldn’t do it and told him I needed more time.

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