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Exalt Birth ServicesEvidence Based Birth just released an extensive article on Vitamin K. It is worth reading and the information is valuable. There is a lot of controversy over Vitamin K and its value to newborns. This article sheds some light on why Vitamin K might be a valuable asset to a newborn. You can make your own determinations after you read the article.

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Here is the article.

Mr. and Mrs. S and Baby S

Mr. and Mrs. S and Baby S

“She was so strong, so fearless, so courageous…it was inspiring. I wish all women had this experience.”

The Lord has always been so gracious to me when it comes to the delivery of my clients. Considering I have 6 small children at home and lots of coordinate to attend a birth, I’m always a little bit nervous that things won’t quite fall into place once a mommy goes into labor. Each time, the Lord orchestrates an incredible birth time and experience that always works out perfectly. I’m so thankful.

He did it again with Mr. and Mrs. S. They had been given an estimated due date of March 2, which happens to be my twins birthday and we had a full day of plans. I had my phone close by but no calls came through that day. We got to spend the whole day together as a family. On Monday I spoke with Mrs. S and she was feeling melancholy about being post due date. I tried to give some encouraging words to her and come up with a plan. Her doctor was wanting to induce that week, before he left town, but I asked her to consider coming to a compromise and waiting until at least 41 weeks. At this time her cervix was thinning but still hard with only a fingertip dilation.

That week came and went and her doctor would be leaving to go out of town on Saturday. There was an induction scheduled for Tuesday after he returned and this induction would include a cytotec induction, pitocin and AROM. I was instantly on the defensive for her about this, especially being her first baby. We talked at length and I asked for some advice from some other doulas in the Arizona community. It was very informative for me which I then shared with Mrs. S to encourage her to make a decision that would be best for them.

We were hopeful she would go into labor on her own and avoid the cytotec induction. Prayers were being lifted for her daily. She continued to get a massage, do some acupressure, walk, etc. I reminded her that the Lord has chosen a day and she wouldn’t be able to trump the Lord but to do all that she could to get labor going naturally.

She was checked again on Thursday before her doctor left town. I think this probably stirred up some hormones because Friday morning she texted saying she was feeling activity but nothing too intense. I knew I needed to get things arranged for the kids and be prepared to meet her in the next 24 hours or so.

God is so good, because my in-laws were coming into town Friday night and it would immensely help me to have them home for my children and my husband available for the weekend to deal with my littlest one, who is 11 months and still nursing.

Sure enough, after preparing my in laws for what was coming, Friday night at 10:30 I got the call from her husband saying things had picked up the pace and she was more uncomfortable. I suggested they get some rest while they could. Around midnight he called again stating she wanted me to come, that she was about 2 minutes apart and lasting for a minute or more. I gathered up my things and my baby to head to their house.

On my way, he called again stating she wanted to go to the hospital and to meet them there. That meant my husband needed to come and be with my little guy since he’s not allowed in the labor and delivery. He met me there with ease and took Beau from me to wait until I had to feed him again.

When they arrived, Mrs. S was in active labor, breathing through the contractions and doing so, so well. Once through triage and headed into a room, she was 4-5 cm and changing at a steady pace. We were able to talk some between contractions and they both seemed to be in good spirits, excited to meet their baby girl.

She was moved into a room at approximately 1:00am with contractions steady and on the rise. When she was checked again around 3am she was still 5cm but thinned almost all the way out. I kept encouraging her to make every contraction count. We don’t want to waste them!

She did just that. When checked again around 5am she was a good 6-7cm and nearing transition. They were beginning to piggy back and then give her a longer rest in between. She was handling them incredibly well. Changing positions, moving when she wanted to, utilizing the birthing ball. We played some worship music while sitting near the bedside on the ball then praying and asking for G-ds blessing over the whole labor and delivery.

Their family members arrived and were able to come into the room to be with her for a time. She didn’t want them in there for the delivery or the parts where she would be exposed. They came, prayed with her, and waited in the waiting room anxiously anticipating the birth of their first grandchild all around.

As things progressed the nurse suggested laying on her side. Baby girl seemed to have fallen asleep and during one of her intermittent monitoring stints, there wasn’t quite enough movement. So she rolled to her side. This was incredibly painful for her as her back labor was very intense. We set a goal of just 2-3 contractions on her side to encourage baby to get into the right position in case she was OP (face up rather than face down). Mrs. S did an incredible job enduring those contractions on her side with her back labor. Her husband pressing firmly her hips together with each contraction to give counter pressure. He was just as dedicated and physically invested in the process as she was. It was wonderful to watch them together.

Once she was done on her side, she got to move back to the ball, time was drawing near. She then did 3-4 huge contractions on the toilet, where pressure really gets to working. Transition was in motion and she was doing incredible.

We had plenty of tears at this time. She was tired, in pain with each surge, and wanting it all to end. It is an emotional time and we slowly made it back to the bed. The nurse came in at 6:30 and checked her. She was 8cm with bulging water. With a scrape of the fingernail the water broke and 6:36am and I knew then it would only be a few moments before she could begin to push.

From there within approximately 15 minutes she began to feel the urge to push but she had a lingering portion of her cervix hanging on making her 9cm with just a little cervix left. A few more hard, long, contractions with great rest in between and she was a full 10cm and feeling pushy.

Those rests in between she was able to really get some good breaths and focus. You could sense the peace that was coming down over her while she waited for the next wave.

Now, it was 7:00am and she wanted to bare down. They were doing shift change and a new doctor and a new nurse were coming in for delivery. She gave short little pushes during the contractions believing she needed to wait for the doctor to arrive. Once everything was in place she began to bare down. Little baby S was right there, we could see her dark hair and wrinkly head. With each push she made a little progress.

We untied her Pretty Pusher gown, the nurse and I removed her sports bra, and she was ready to hold her baby. Mr. S was aligned up by her head but could see everything. He held her head in his arms and helped her push with each wave. She really gave those pushes everything she had. Bit by bit little baby S came down into the birth canal showing us her pretty little head. With one big contraction Mrs. S was able to get her to crown, sensing the ring of fire down there, she pushed right through it and out came baby’s precious head.

I was taking pictures at this point, helping coach her while snapping pictures. I looked up at her husbands face and he clasped his hands to his mouth as he saw his baby girl emerge. Her head, shoulders and arms slowly pushed out. Mrs. S reached down, placing her hands on her baby’s arms and gave another great push. With that, baby S was born and placed directly onto mommy’s chest. 7:21am, 9 hours of labor, and a completely intervention free, natural delivery and Mr. and Mrs. S became parents.

With her purple hands she took her first breath. She tried opening her eyes. She let out a little cry.

Dr. Brown waited to clamp the cord until it stopped pulsating and honored their wishes laid out in their birth plan. Mr. S was able to cut the cord and baby S was right on mommy’s breast.

The Lord provided in every way all along the journey. Timing, commitment, progression, comfort…His presence was tangible. He gave her supernatural strength and at times supernatural peace between waves. Her dedication and vision for her daughter we amazing. His support, relentless comfort, and pure joy at delivery were precious.

It was a wonderful labor and delivery. It went perfectly. Although Mrs. S felt overwhelmed with emotions and feelings during the contractions she never gave up. She never gave in. She let each wave come and do work to bring baby into the world. She stay committed to her goals and birth vision. I am so proud of her and her husband’s relentless support and love.

Welcome to world little baby girl!

Miss R and Twins Saved

Miss R and Twins Saved

Miss R. was a young gal that my dear friend Sherry was able to turn around one morning at Planned Parenthood. I was blessed enough to get the call that same day, from her, asking for support through her pregnancy and with labor and delivery. Over the coarse of the next 9 months I had occasional contact with her as she traveled the road of pregnancy with surprise twins. She was wavering about whether she should put the girls up for adoption or keep them and raise them. As the pregnancy neared it’s end she had decided to keep them and raise them.

I was texting her one day a few days before Christmas and she told me she was at the dr.’s office possibly heading to the hospital for an induction as she was showing signs of pre-eclampsia. I joined her at the hospital as her induction was beginning and she had had an epidural. She was in good spirits and handling the induction well.

I went home for the night expecting she would take a while to labor and be ready to delivery. Unfortunately due to the pre-eclampsia, she was going to deliver in an OR and she was only allowed 1 person in the room with her. Although it didn’t seem to be what she wanted, her mother was going to join her in the OR for the delivery.

In the morning I received a text stating she had delivered both babies vaginally and they were doing well. I made arrangements and went out to the hospital to see her and the girls. She was very tired but did an awesome job giving life to those precious girls.

In a matter of minutes she went from having an appointment to murder her, unknown at the time, two daughters, to bringing them into the world and giving life!

Throughout the next few weeks I was privileged to offer her some nursing support with the help of additional doulas out on the east side of town. I am so thankful they were able to visit her and help her get her bearings with nursing. She is successfully nursing these sweet little girls.

Sidewalk counseling works and Praise Jesus for the two miracles.

You can read and view more about her story here, shared with The Blaze.

12 “Standard of Care” Practices for Newborns (& Mom) You Should Skip

Induction of Early Labor

–If at all possible (leaving out emergency situations such as Preeclampsia, etc.) inducing early labor should be avoided.

“Women who are induced early are more likely to need other interventions and to wind up delivering their babies surgically through a cesarean section and the infants are more likely to require intensive care,” says Maureen Corry, M.P.H., Executive Director at Childbirth Connection.

It’s also valuable to remember 2 things when it comes to early delivery:

  • 1. There is something higher than you driving the force that determines how long a baby stays in the womb. I like to call it G-d but you can call it whatever you like. The fact is, babies come when they are ready and no one determines that better than “nature”, the baby, and G-d.
  • 2. A babies brain develops at an alarming rate during the final 4-6 weeks in the womb. You don’t want to miss out on this portion of growth for the baby simple due to your discomfort or impatience.

Induction of Labor at Full Term with Medical Necessity

–Induction of labor, even at “full term” often leads to a snowball of interventions which run the risk of leading to a c-section. In addition to the risk of a c-section, we know Pitocin and other labor augmenting drugs, can have an unpredictable effect upon the baby through the labor process.

An Elective C-Section for Otherwise Healthy Moms & Babies

– The squeezing process of labor primes a babies lungs to prepare them for their first breath and life in the outside world. This squeezing is vital in aiding in a newborn breathing efficiently. The further squeezing of delivery through vaginal canal is also vitally important as it removes all the fluid from the baby. It is also the best method of delivery for the mother. It removes the risk of cutting the mother, infection, cutting to deeply into the abdomen (which in the past has resulted in sliced baby bottoms), lowers recovery time, releases the proper bonding hormones and so much more.

“The safest method for both mom and baby is an uncomplicated vaginal birth,” says Catherine Spong, M.D., of the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

It is also important to note in this section that repeat C-sections due to a c-section in a previous delivery is not based upon evidence. The risk of rupture is remarkably low (you can find tons of information to support this statement) and success among those who attempt a VBAC are remarkable high.

Ultrasounds Post 24 Weeks

–Ultrasounds already have a margin of error, even in the early weeks of pregnancy. As the baby develops, ultrasounds do not loose their margin of error or inaccuracy but do often lead towards “fear” induced decisions not entirely based upon truth. Late term ultrasounds are linked with an increase in C-sections. How could this be you ask? Easy, people believe the ultrasound gives a certain amount of insight as to a baby’s development, when in actuality is can be wrong, misinterpreted, or inaccurate leading the medical care provider and the parent to make hasty decisions resulting in augmented labor and/or c-sections.

Continuous Fetal Monitoring

–Unless you are in a high risk situation, continuous fetal monitoring is not necessary and often prohibits smooth progression of labor. Labor is often most successful when the laboring mother can utilize gravity, move about, stay comfortable in her positions, and go-with-the-flow. Continuous fetal monitoring restricts the mother’s ability to move labor along naturally. Monitoring the baby during labor can be done periodically with mobile heart monitors or occasionally allowing to be monitored for a 10-15min period of time then released again to labor independently.

Artificially Rupturing Membranes

–If this intervention is done too early or without a steady movement through transition, it does not ensure moving labor along. In fact, it can slow labor down at times, make it more “painful”, and/or put the laboring mother at risk for a c-section. It can intensify contractions for the mother, causing her to consider an epidural or tighten up during labor stalling labor and slowing it down. It can also cause the medical staff to believe the baby is at risk of infection if not delivered in a specific amount of time (I’m not a believer in this risk until 24-36 hours has passed).


–This is against what nature already put into place. The Vagina has the ability to stretch and deliver a baby, especially when the delivery of the baby is done slowly, without rushing, which allows the stretching to happen naturally. Along with this, many midwives will use oil to aid in lubrication. I personally experienced a great midwife who used warm rags to counter the outward stretching while allowing me to push. It was incredibly gentle. Healing after an episiotomy can be difficult and painful and often it is entirely unnecessary.

Immediate Cord Clamping

–Clamping the cord within moments of delivery does 2 things.

  • 1. Restricts the oxygen rich blood from the placenta and cord (along with stem cells) from entering the baby.
  • 2. Delays skin-to-skin between mother and baby.
  • Babies naturally come out a little blue, they haven’t been breathing in the womb. Leaving the cord in tact (there are many, many benefits these are just a few) allows for the placenta and cord to work in unison with the babies lungs to help the baby continue to get oxygen while taking his first breaths. It also aids in “pinking” up the baby as the transition takes place from womb to world. Read here for more info on Delayed Cord Clamping.

    Letting the Baby Leave Your Arms (even for routine vitals)

    –Vitals can be taken of the baby directly on the mothers chest. Immediate skin-to-skin is what is best for both mom and baby. There is no rush. There is no medical necessity for the baby to go to the warmer. There is no reason to let go of your baby…well ever if you don’t want to.

    Even if baby has a concerning color (which we discussed in the previous point, and can be helped by leaving the cord in tact, baby will resuscitate better with the warmth and comfort of the mother. Often all that is needed is some time and encouragement to breath.

    In addition to this is the “rooming in” recommendation. This means baby does not leave your sight or room the entire time after delivery. No nursery. If, baby needs to leave for some reason, daddy goes too.

    Baby Bathing

    –Bathing the baby removes all the vernix. The vernix, in addition to being a great moisturizer, also sends a signal to mommy’s brain which identifies her baby to her and releases the bonding hormones. Vernix also provides a protective covering which increases immunities! Don’t Bathe the Baby!

    In addition, it is advantageous to both mother and baby if mommy doesn’t bathe either. The sense of smell for both mom and baby is heightened at this time and bonding increases with the smells. It increases breastfeeding success as well. You can read more here.


    –Contrary to popular belief you can say NO to vaccines in the hospital and at the Dr.’s office. These are still a right in which you have to choose. And you should reconsider for a number of reasons. But, primarily I’d like to address the Hep B Vaccine they administer in the hospital or shortly after if you deliver as a homebirth/birth center.

    Hepatitis B is a vaccines administered for those at risk of being poked with a used needle or of being infected with a sexually transmitted disease. Here on Mercola’s website is a statement about the transmission of Hep B:
    Secondly this vaccine given on the day of birth is the least justifiable of any vaccine that I can think of. A child can ONLY get the disease from IV drug abuse, sexual activity with an infected partner, a blood transfusion using contaminated blood, OR from the mother.

    The website Green Med Info has assembled 44 articles which together list 60 diseases or adverse unintended consequences associated with hepatitis B vaccination.

    Among the problems the vaccination may cause are:

    Autoimmune inflammatory polyneuropathy
    Multiple sclerosis
    Anaphylactic shock and death in infants
    Chronic arthritis
    Bell’s palsy

    To put it bluntly, unless you are a prostitute drug user or an infected mother your baby is safe from Hepatitis B at birth (frankly probably for most of their childhood). In addition to the fact that it is unnecessary, it causes risk for vaccine injury. A baby is born chalk full of immunities, given to him from the mother only to gain more as he breastfeeds. Babies who received vaccines so early are then being injected with toxins. A healthy baby injected with toxins and thus begins the cycle of toxicity our children endure here in the US.

    You can say NO! You can also say NO to all vaccines in the future. At at a minimum you should consider a delayed schedule for vaccines, breastfeed, and encourage healthy exposure to the world which encourages further, natural immunity. Here is an alternative schedule to follow.

    Throwing Away Your Placenta

    –Placenta Encapsulation is a growing practice since the public has widely accepted the benefits of consuming placenta. The benefits really are substantial.


    – balance your hormones
    – enhance milk supply
    – increase your energy.


    – You to recover more quickly from birth
    – To bring the body back into balance
    – Prevent the “baby blues”
    – Shorten postpartum bleeding
    – Assist the uterus to return to size
    – Increase postpartum iron levels

    You can read more here.


    Wearing a Hospital Gown

    –I was reminded by a client last night how uncomfortable and ridiculous those hospital gowns are when laboring and delivering a baby. We are so lucky to live in an age where we have these adorable gowns to choose from to replace those boring, drab, and drafty hospital gowns.

    I’m sure there are many more out there to choose from, these are just a few. I also recommend sometimes considering just wearing a comfortable tube top under a nursing tank with a skirt. Whatever makes you comfortable and feel good.

    It seems to me the labor/birthing community has made substantial improvements in bringing awareness to common practices that are not based upon evidence. In light of this, more and more women are choosing to go against the grain of standard practice for the benefits of both their baby and themselves.

    You can also find great information about Evidence Based Birthing here.

    Don’t Bathe the Baby

    Read this awesome article about not washing a newborn. It is also important for momma not to bathe immediately after birth as the baby is programmed to know her smell and they equally benefit from getting to know one another and snuggle in the “raw”!

    Read Article here.

    During delivery, vernix caseosa acts as a lubricant while postnatally, it exhibits antioxidant, skin cleansing, temperature-regulating and antibacterial properties.”

    Proven to have such great benefits postnatally, it makes you wonder why we are in such a rush to give newborns their first bath—removing the vernix.

    Now Available, 2ml “labor” day Essential Oils

    We are now selling Essential Oils in 2ml vials just perfect for your “labor” day! We have selected a handful of oils perfect to create a relaxing atmosphere perfectly lending itself towards a natural delivery. The Nesting Place posted an article in which they stated that in a traditional case they would expect the uptake for opiate pain relievers to be 30%, when essential oils were involved the uptake was only .4%. Incredible results.

    You can read more on our most recent blog post here.

    And you can purchase the oils here!

    Mr. and Mrs. B and Baby A

    Mr. and Mrs. B and Baby A

    I was privileged to attend the birth of Baby A. There aren’t enough to words or enough time to describe the experience of this particular birth.

    I am fortunate enough to be friends with Mrs. B and their journey to having a child has been an inspiration to my life. They have prayed and pleaded with G-d for a child for 12 longs years. Never doubting his love for them, his grace and mercy for their desires. They forged a path that is lonely while all the world is having children, being tempted I’m sure to take matters into their own hands through medical intervention, yet staying faithful to what they felt called to do, which was pray and believe G-d would provide.

    Well, He did. He blessed them with a child as they were in the midst of raising funds for an adoption. There is no rhyme or reason for why now, why 12 years later, but, He knew this little girl would enter the world and take her first breath on November 2, 2013.

    A few weeks prior to her due date Mrs. B called to tell me her little precious one was breech. We chatted about how to help turn her and that she was considering a breech delivery. We of course prayed, she sought some chiropractic care, did some spinning babies. Yet, Baby A did not turn. The Lord had something really special prepared for her birth and for those lucky enough to witness it.

    I had connected her to an OB in the area that had done some breech births. There aren’t many. Unfortunately (for the OB) Mrs. B didn’t feel it was quite the right fit. Her Bradley instructor connected her to a few local midwives as well as a CNM that would do a breech delivery at home. I was so excited she was considering, and not just considering, committed to a homebirth for a breech baby. There was no doubt in my mind whether or not she could do it. She absolutely could do it.

    Mrs. B and I see eye to eye about many spiritual things and baby things…and we share a similar heartbeat when it comes to the power of the Holy spirit, the Lord’s sovereignty over our circumstances and that fear and doubt have no place in our lives. For her to have a successful homebirth for a breech baby it was going to take this steadfast faith in the Lord’s plans for her daughter and her own body. I had no doubt in my mind she would be able to accomplish this feat. I was confident the Lord would be with us each step of the way.

    She hired her birth instructor as her main doula (she had given her the gift of the connection for the homebirth and cold provide more consistent care considering I’m on maternity at this time). She had plans to have 3 midwives with her, an assistant, me, her sister-in-law who is also my dear friend, her mother and sister and of course her husband. The full house was going to provide all the faith, prayers and support she would need.

    7 days post due date Jessica began labor at 2:30 in the morning. Once I joined her at 1:00 her doula had been with her since about 9am. She was doing an incredible job, walking, drinking water, using the ball. I brought with me the doorway sling, my faith audio for her to listen to, and some essential oils. Together her doula and I were privileged to guide her as she found her zone and really brought her baby down.

    As she was close to transition her toning increased. She used the doorway sling and birthing stool for almost 2 hours, with each surge talking her baby into position. Many of us were praying as she listened to God’s word and blocked out the noise of the world. She silenced the fear and doubt with scripture and worship.

    She moved from the sling to the birthing pool. She labored in there for about 1 hour letting each wave draw baby further down. There was so much support and prayer in the room. The presence of the spirit was heavy.

    Once she was done in the birthing pool she moved to the living room sitting on the birthing stool and leaning on her husband for support. We gathered around, all of us placing hands on her and one another, while her sister in law prayed a powerful prayer calling, in Jesus name, that all things come together for delivery, that His hand be on her and the baby, and for His will to be done. The minute the prayer ended her water broke spontaneously with a sudden burst. We all looked at each other in amazement. You could feel the presence of the Lord and this was His hand in moving labor to the next phase. The CNM had tears in her eyes…we all did.

    It wasn’t long till she began to feel the urge to bare down. The ideal position for a breech delivery is on hands and knees. She got off the birth stool and turned leaning onto the mattress placed in the living room. Her husband held her hand for resistance and together they endured a handful of contractions together while she occasionally bared down when she naturally felt the urge.

    She quickly didn’t feel comfortable on the floor due to the lack of circulation to her feet. We assisted her with movement to the mattress. He loving husband stayed up by her head, encouraging her, holding her hands, offering resistance. She continued to listen to the faith affirmations and worship to help stay in the zone.

    As she increased her attempts to bare down we literally watched the baby move down into position, peaking through and moving back up little Baby A was getting ever so close. It was thrilling. She was coming down perfectly. Slightly sideways, turned a bit. Mrs. B really had to have an amazing amount of faith along with no reservation or inhibition as she was on all fours exposed for all in the room to see. She was entirely focused on labor. As Mrs. B continued to work, now baring down with each contraction, baby A little by little made her way to where now she was no longer retreating all the way back in with each rest. We could now see her precious bottom. With each surge she would sneak out and poop some. This is a good sign in this situation and was so incredible to see.

    Her water had spontaneously ruptured at 6:05(ish). We were nearing 7:15 and her sweet baby was now presenting with her bottom out and her frank feet still tucked up inside. Her sister in law came to pray again, laying hands upon her, asking for supernatural strength, only given by God, and for a final whisp of energy as she was moving towards her final stages of birth. Her mother standing near her head holding a fan for air and hands raised in a wave of prayer over her daughter. Another surge and she was able to push out the bottom completely and sweet baby urinated. With another surge her feet flopped out onto the mattress. Then her left arm fell down by her side. The other still tucked up inside close to her face. At this time the midwife asked her to listen very carefully to her instructions. She needed Mrs. B to move slightly forward with the next contraction as she prepared to birth the head. Mrs. B did exactly as she was asked to do.

    Leaning slightly forward now, her husband standing by my side as we both watched their sweet miracle almost born, she gave another good push and their sweet babies face began to emerge. Another gentle push and she was able to completely birth the head with ease. A breath and their miracle was born. She took her first breath.

    Her lips were blue, as she had not yet taken her first breath. Her cord was plump with blood circulating in and out of her body, oxygen rich blood. She was handed to her mother for skin to skin instantly as she emerged. Within a minute she was pinking up and let out her first cries. The emotion in the room soared with both praise, hallelujahs, and witnessing a miracle.

    Mrs. B allowed for the placenta to deliver, approximately 20 minutes, after delivery before cutting the cord. In that time she was skin to skin, attempted to latch, talked to, loved on and simply cherished. 12 years in the making for this moment and it finally arrived.

    She was perfect. 7lbs 8oz of pure beauty. Mrs. B did the most amazing job I’ve ever seen. Pure confidence, faith, reliance, and determination. There was no room for fear or doubt but complete faith in the Lord and her own body to do what most others have deemed nearly impossible.

    It has been the highlight of my year to witness this birth. I’m blessed to be friends with someone so strong and courageous.

    Increasing Milk Supply-Naturally

    There is always a lot of discussion about increasing breastmilk supply. Here are some great resources for just this thing!

    You can view a great article here.

    You can also add Fenugreek to the list of foods that increase milk supply. It’s a great supplement, along with Flax.

    Mrs. O and A Baby Saved

    Mrs. O and A Baby Saved

    9 months ago my husband and I had the blessed privilege of assisting a couple who were at the abortion clinic. They were there to abort their sixth child that day. Our team from The Red Door Ministry was out there that day along with our children.

    My husband had the opportunity to talk with the father and encourage him that we could help with whatever they needed if they would only spare the life of their unborn child. He told my husband his lawn service trailer had been stolen, they have 5 children 5 and under, and were barely making ends meet. The Lord provided a way for our team to help them get his business up and running again and they CHOSE LIFE for their precious one.

    Fast forward 9 months and their little boy is ready to be born. I get a call from Mrs. O that she is at the hospital and 5 cm. When I arrived she’d already gotten her epidural and was comfortable. Unfortunate circumstances made it so her husband could not be there with us. He was temporarily detained. Her sister in law and I were able to be there with her and support her labor process and all the emotions she was experiencing having her husband not be there.

    After a few hours her sister in law had to go and ended up at the house with the other children. Come 6:00 she was ready to push. She was so brave and so strong for that little boy, that life that at one time was about to be snuffed out. Her love had grown so deep for him it was truly special to see.

    She gave 3 good pushes and out he came, perfect and whole. A sweetly created little man with a purpose given by G-d. It was so moving.

    She had listed while I explained Delayed Cord Clamping and decided to do that for her baby. That was super special to witness.

    He now has life because sidewalk counselors were not only there that day to speak on his behalf but also rallied together to give his family hope. They continued their support at his birth, rallying again for gifts, diapers, strollers, clothes, etc. It is the “church” in action.