The Power of Birth Slings


Birth Slings for SaleBirth Sling 2

This is a 5ft 4inches Birth Sling made from a stretchy and soft fabric. The ends are turned as to be supported by a chin up bar in a door jam. The Sling can be opened up for more coverage, kept folded for extra support, can be tucked under the arms, leaned into at chest level, and allows a laboring mommy to fall deep into her contractions utilizing gravity to make progress.

It offers a laboring mom/couple the support they need to embrace labor, sink low into the pelvis, and allow quick progress to be made.

Colors will vary due to fabric availability. Note the color you desire and we will follow up with an email either confirming your color choice or offering an alternative.

Who are the Slings For?

Jessica (12)–FOR MIDWIVES/BIRTH DOULAS–Chin up bars can be found at a very affordable rate online or at retail stores. You can either buy a chin up bar or encourage your clients to provide one. In addition, you can provide the sling for your clients at the birth or rent/sell it to them.

–BIRTH CENTERS–The sling is perfect hanging above a birth pool or in a doorway as mentioned above.  If you hang above a birth pool, we recommend you string “rope” through the ends and secure to the ceiling via a hook and eye and have your rope professionally secured.

–FOR SOON TO BE MOMS–Be sure to purchase a chin up bar to use with the sling at your labor and birth if you are purchasing this product for yourself.


Purchase does not include the chin up bar.