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Betty LaBelle Nursing Covers

Great Gift for New Mom
  • Don’t slip off your shoulder
  • Have fully adjustable neck straps
  • Allow baby to nurse privately
  • Fold conveniently
  • Perfect lightweight blankets
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Made to Order Nursing Covers

These gorgeous and stylish 2 sided nursing covers make it possible to stay modestly covered and show off your styleNursing Cover and be able to nurse conveniently wherever you go! They have a silky soft side and a cotton colorful side also!

Open neck design allows you to keep an eye on baby while nursing, promoting bonding and helping with your latch. This also allows for excellent ventilation keeping baby cool and comfortable.

-They don’t slip off your shoulder during nursing, nor do they require you to “sit” on anything to keep them in place.

-They have fully adjustable neck straps to fit most mums.

-They allow baby to nurse privately, without distraction.

-They fold conveniently into your purse or diaper bag.

-They are also perfect lightweight blankets that attach to infant car seats and strollers.

We offer all covers in beautiful plush fabrics that will coordinate with your wardrobe and make a practical, helpful addition to your life.